New Planting Season

Well, planting on the homestead has begun.  Lettuce, radishes, carrots and green beans are in.  Some pumpkins, gourds, zucchini, and acorn squash are in.  More items to follow in the next few days.  All the sunflowers are up and perennials are blooming.  Indoor projects have now become rainy day projects and outdoor projects are beginning.


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Read All About It!

Below is a copy of my son’s newspaper that he created.  He publishes one every month.  Paper copies are $3 and online copies are $1.50.  Let me know what you think.

December Paper

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Meal Plan Monday – 1/2/12 thru 1/8/12

Our family favorites for the week.

Monday – Lasagna

Tuesday – Bottomless Stew (Beef Soup)

Wednesday – Cheese roll-ups for the kiddos (Christmas Party for adults)

Thursday – Oven-Fried Chicken with Bean Casserole

Friday – Homemade pizza

Saturday – Texas Turkey Casserole

Sunday – Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes w/gravy, Corn/Carrots and pears

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New Year, New House Projects

With the near completion of our sun room, we are starting out the new year with a new winter.  The sun room has the heated floor and tile installed.  Spring will see new walls, windows and trim.

This is the sun room floor and it is beautiful.

For our next grand project, KITCHEN REMODEL.  Step 1 is to pull up the current flooring in the kitchen and refinish the maple flooring.  Today, my loving hubby is pulling up the old floor is a few key spots, scraping the junk off the wood floor and will sand it to an almost ready to stain finish.  Then we will move our refrigerator into place and move our hutch from the dining room into the kitchen.

Our home education is continuing strong and our new schedule with chore pack system that we are using is going to make our day run more smoothly.   Our aim is to put Jesus first, Others second and ourselves last this year by the addition of Bible reading as a family, memory work and copy work for the children as well as good biblical books being read aloud.  With being able to now “live” in our sun room, reading aloud will become more enjoyable as everyone will be able to finally find their favorite spot to sit and color while being read to.

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Dugger Family Giveaway

Everyone loves giveaways! Enter to win the complete second season of 18 Kids and Counting on DVD! With over seven hours of family-friendly episodes (including two bonus specials), this three-disc set will provide entertainment for all ages!

Visit Dugger Family Blog to enter.

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Veggie Stir Fry Dinner July 9, 2011

Cora is chopping veggies for the stir fry dinner she is making.

The younger girls had fun helping their older sister put in the sprouts.  Dinner turned out yummy.  Mom helped Cora with the stir fry on the stove.

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More pictures.

More pictures of the homestead from various angles.  Working on getting all the fence lowered around the inner yard part of the property.  With so much work to do around the inside and outside, I need to remember to put the Lord first and to take time to enjoy the area with the children.  Very exhausted by the end of the day, but would not trade it for anything else.

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Pictures of the homestead.

Some pictures of our homestead.

This is to the left of our front door.  The fence on your left is the edge of our huge side garden.

This is from the front of the garage.






This is looking toward the mailbox from the side of our garage.






This is the right side of our house.  We have a working dairy farm behind us.






This is my front flower bed.  Took David and I all day to create, till, and plant.  Love listening to all the birds chirping in the morning.




This is just a portion of our side garden.







It takes all day to mow our lawn on a riding lawn mower.  We use our walk-behind mower in-between the garden rows and on our mound system.  Tristan is a huge help with the mowing.  This summer, I am going to teach Cora how to use the walk-behind and then Tristan, Cora and I can take turns mowing the lawn.

More pictures to come.

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Living in the country.

I was born and raised a city girl, but feel that the Lord has directed me to be a country girl.  This site is going to be dedicated to my life on 1 acre of land, raising and homeschooling 4 amazing children, while planting, harvesting, and canning.  I hope to post pictures of our gardens (flower & veggies), orchard (apples, pears, & cherries) and favorite recipes.

That’s it for now.

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Dance Recital 2011

Below are some pictures taken at home the week before recital.  Dress rehearsal videos did not turn out so well.

Cora – Tap “Bandstand”

Cora – Ballet “In Better Hands”

Tristan – Jazz “Goodbye”

All dancers at the recital did an excellent job.  So proud of my beautiful girl and handsome man. (yes, I’m biased.)

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