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More home preserving news.

Been very busy here since our homeschool started.  We are still preserving foods, but also working on our academics as well.  The latest update is as follows:

9/13 – Processed 5 quarts of pears in a medium syrup.

9/14 – Processed 19 quarts of stewed tomatoes.

9/15 – Processed 39 quarts of stewed tomatoes.

9/17 – Processed 19 quarts of stewed tomatoes.  (Do you think we like stewed tomatoes?)

9/22 – Water-bath 5 quarts of apple pie filling.  (Used apples from our own trees.)

9/23 – Processed 16 quarts of tomato sauce.

9/30 – Processed 15 pints of carrots.

This weekend I will be processing my pie pumpkins and going to an apple orchard to get a bushel of apples to make more pie filling.

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Here’s the latest update on my home preserving experience this year.

9/8 – 13 quarts of tomato sauce.

9/11 – 32 pints of peach jam.

9/12 – 18 pints of peach jam.

Today I am working on a bushel of pears in medium syrup.

Saturday, Cora started Ballet and loves her new teacher.  Yesterday, Tristan and Cora went to their first 4-H meeting and made new friends.  They are excited to start working on projects for next years’ fair.  I’ll be back later with more updates.

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More home preserving news.

As of 9/3 we have harvested 10-1/2 bushels of tomatoes from our garden so far.  That’s a lot of tomatoes and I have at least another 5 bushels on the vine.

8/30 – Processed 12 pints of carrots.  Raw pack method 10 pounds pressure for 25 minutes.

8/31 – Processed 7 pints of pizza sauce.  Water-bath method for 35 minutes.

9/1 – Processed 15 pints of pizza sauce.

9/3 – Processed 20 pints of pizza sauce.

9/4 – Processed 11 pints of pizza sauce.

9/6 – Processed 9 quarts of tomato sauce.  10 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes.

9/7 – Processed 10 quarts of tomato sauce.

9/8 – I am in the middle of processing more tomato sauce.  I will have a count later this evening.

In the midst of these canning days we had another rain storm that came into our home this time.  We had all the windows open and we were not home in time to close them.  All carpeting had to come out as well as 2 new sets of mattresses needing to be purchased.  All this was going to be done sooner or later anyway, but I guess sooner was what God wanted.  Love God’s timing.

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Canning Update

We have had a very busy canning week.

8/18 we processed 2-1/2  jars of zesty zucchini relish.  Yum!

8/18 we processed 30-1/2 jars of very hot salsa.

8/19 we processed 19-1/2 jars of very hot salsa.

8/21 we processed 34-1/2 jars of jalepeno peppers for nachos.

8/22 we processed 5 Jars of refrigerator pickles.

8/23 we processed 11 jars of stewed tomatoes.

8/26 we processed 29 jars of stewed tomatoes.

We are now set for the year with stewed tomatoes.  The next batching of tomatoes will be pizza sauce.  Hopefully this week will also see some carrots processed.  In the middle of all this canning, our family experienced some family members being called home to our Lord.  2-3 weeks ago my maid of honor (age 39) was called home and 8/24 my niece’s mother (age 25) was called home.   Canning this year has been a healing process for me.  Praise the Lord for His abundant love.

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Cucumber Relish 8/16/11

Another few hours of canning and we have Cucumber Relish.  This one only took minutes to process but took a few hours to prepare.  All that chopping.  Praise God I had a chopper.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.

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Stewed Tomatoes 8/15/11

Been very busy here on the homestead.  Lots of weeding and house work.  Here is the latest on our canning process.

On Aug. 15, I processed 120 tomatoes in 2 batches for stewed tomatoes.  My total yield was 16 1/2 quarts.  It took 7 hours from start to finish.  The first step was to boil water and dip 4 tomatoes at a time in the boiling water for 1 minute.  Next, we took the tomatoes out of the boiling water and dipped them into very cold water to peel them.  Next, we quartered them and cut the cores out.  I put them in a bowl on my canning scale and weighed out 16 pounds of peeled and cored tomatoes.  Once I had one batch measured out, I put them in a large stainless steel pot along with chopped peppers, chopped onions and sugar.  Bring to boil and cook for 10 minutes.  Fill quart jars with yummy stewed tomatoes and process in pressure canner for  20 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure.  I used the recipe found in Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving on page 378 if you are interested in learning more about this process.  Below are some pictures.


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Georgia Peaches are done

Sorry it took so long to upload these.  Been very busy here on the homestead.

The pictures are not in order of process.  First we put 4 peaches into boiling water for about 1-1/2 minutes.  Then we place them into cold water to pull the peels off.  Next we cut them in half, remove the pit, and slice.  Next, we put the slices into a kettle full of lemon juice/water to prevent browning.  After we do this to 48 peaches we make our syrup and simmer peach slices into the syrup for about a minute.  Then, we pack the jars and put them into the canner.  We started this process at 7:30 pm and finished at 1:30 am.

6 hours worth from start to finish, but now we have peaches for our meals during the long winter months.

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Canning Season 2011

Another year of home preserving is drawing near, but first a quick update on what happened in our lives since the last canning season.

2010-2011 saw some major changes for the Vukosich family.  December, DH found out he was losing his job.  January, DH found and accepted a new job.  February became a very hectic time for us as DH was ending his position at one company and looking forward to starting new position.  We were also home searching as we needed to move from Wisconsin Rapids to the Fox Valley Area.

One blessing of moving is we went from a double city lot to a 1.5 acre lot.  Triple the garden space and we are only minutes from High Cliff State Park.  Fun times ahead for our family as we embark on our homesteading journey this year.

Our first canning session will begin today as I purchased 1 bushel of Georgia Peaches from the Tree-Ripe Citrus Co.  For this canning recipe, I will be using my Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

Starting out on Pg. 140, I will be making my acid solution of 1/4 cup lemon juice per 4 cups water.  This will prevent my peaches from browning while I prepare them for the jars.

Pg. 142 contains the syrup recipes to use when packing the peaches into the jars.  I use the medium syrup which is 4-1/4 cups white sugar per 5 cups of water.

Pg. 150 contains the recipe for making peaches in syrup.  It usually takes 48 peaches to make 8 quarts.  I process these at 6 pounds of pressure for 10 minutes.

I found the quickest way to peel the peaches is to use peaches that are hard and place 3-4 peaches into boiling water for about 1 minute and then immediately place into very cold water.  The skins just fall off.

Later, I will post pictures of the process.  Home preserving is a lot of work, but well worth the effort.  We reap the benefits all winter long and well into spring and summer before the harvest comes in.  We are still eating our homemade applesauce, pears, and green beans from last season.

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