More home preserving news.

As of 9/3 we have harvested 10-1/2 bushels of tomatoes from our garden so far.  That’s a lot of tomatoes and I have at least another 5 bushels on the vine.

8/30 – Processed 12 pints of carrots.  Raw pack method 10 pounds pressure for 25 minutes.

8/31 – Processed 7 pints of pizza sauce.  Water-bath method for 35 minutes.

9/1 – Processed 15 pints of pizza sauce.

9/3 – Processed 20 pints of pizza sauce.

9/4 – Processed 11 pints of pizza sauce.

9/6 – Processed 9 quarts of tomato sauce.  10 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes.

9/7 – Processed 10 quarts of tomato sauce.

9/8 – I am in the middle of processing more tomato sauce.  I will have a count later this evening.

In the midst of these canning days we had another rain storm that came into our home this time.  We had all the windows open and we were not home in time to close them.  All carpeting had to come out as well as 2 new sets of mattresses needing to be purchased.  All this was going to be done sooner or later anyway, but I guess sooner was what God wanted.  Love God’s timing.

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