Canning Update

We have had a very busy canning week.

8/18 we processed 2-1/2  jars of zesty zucchini relish.  Yum!

8/18 we processed 30-1/2 jars of very hot salsa.

8/19 we processed 19-1/2 jars of very hot salsa.

8/21 we processed 34-1/2 jars of jalepeno peppers for nachos.

8/22 we processed 5 Jars of refrigerator pickles.

8/23 we processed 11 jars of stewed tomatoes.

8/26 we processed 29 jars of stewed tomatoes.

We are now set for the year with stewed tomatoes.  The next batching of tomatoes will be pizza sauce.  Hopefully this week will also see some carrots processed.  In the middle of all this canning, our family experienced some family members being called home to our Lord.  2-3 weeks ago my maid of honor (age 39) was called home and 8/24 my niece’s mother (age 25) was called home.   Canning this year has been a healing process for me.  Praise the Lord for His abundant love.

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2 thoughts on “Canning Update

  1. House of Payne

    I’m thankful you are seeing blessings in the midst of tragedy. Your family is in my prayers.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord has definitely been my rock these last few weeks.

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